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Interprofessional Education

Resources to Support Interprofessional Education The resources on this guide will support the teaching and learning of students as well as researchers who have an interest in or participate in interprofessional (IP) learning or teaching activities.

Selecting a Publication Venue

With so many options available, the task of selecting a journal for publication can be daunting at first.

It can help to break the decision into a series of considerations that may help you narrow the choices. This may include the journal's impact factor, potential audience, scope and author guidelines. 

Journal Scope and Guidelines

Does the journal consider interprofessional education and practice topics?

Use the journal's scope and author guidelines to determine whether your topic is a good fit for that journal.

For example, the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education addresses "pharmacy and interprofessional educators" in their author instructions. The Journal of Dental EducationMedical Education, and Nurse Education Today list interprofessional education or interprofessional health care education as subjects considered for publication. 

Does the journal publish the type of manuscript best suited to your scholarship?

Check the journal sections and types of manuscripts accepted to ensure the journal is a good fit for your scholarship. If you need more information than is provided in the author guidelines, browse the journal to see what it has published.

Have you followed all of the author guidelines?

 Following all of the author guidelines provided may improve your chances of getting your manuscript accepted. The Journal of Interprofessional Care provides a terminology list for interprofessional topics that submitting authors should follow.

Publication Venues

Publication Venues for IPE Scholarship

All journals included in the attached table have published IPE or IPP content.

The table provides information about the selected journals' impact factor, scope, indexing, and publishing model (e.g., open access).

Resources on Research Impact Assessment

Research Impact Assessment (Health Sciences)

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