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History of the Middle East: Finding Books

This research guide is tailored for anyone interested in resources pertaining to the history of the Middle East to the 16th century.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

Browse the Library shelves using the call numbers below for books on gender-related topics. Browsing the Library shelves can be fun. Just remember, we may have many more ebooks on this topic, so be sure to search the Library Catalog.

DS 1-937

History of Asia

DS 35.3-35.77

Arab Countries

DS 41-66

Middle East. Southwestern Asia. Ancient Orient. Arab East. Near East. 

DS 67-79.9

Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia)

DS 80-90

Lebanon (Phenecia)
DS 92-99 Syria
DS 101-151 Palestine and Israel
DS 153-154.9 Jordan. Transjordan.
DS 201-248 Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia.
DS 251-326 Iran (Persia)




Search Terms

For books on gender and other topics, try these keywords and phrases:

Islam and gender

feminism and Islam

women and arab and democracy

muslim and feminism

gender and muslim

Islamic feminism

"status of women" and Islam

"women in Islam"

Quran and women

"muslim women" and status

Search tips

Put phrases in quotes: "Islamic feminism"

For words with various endings, use a single asterisk: Islam* for Islam, Islamist, Islamists, Islamism, Islamic

Group synonyms in parentheses joined with OR: (motherly or maternal)   

AND—requires both terms to be in each item returned Feminism AND Islam

Select Advance Search to limit by: Location, Material Type, Language, Year 

E-BOOKEbooks are available 247 on and off campus. Some ebooks may be downloaded in their entirety, others are limited to the number of pages that can be downloaded.

PRINT MATERIAL Most books are available for checkout. Click here for Library loan policies.