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ECON 475: Contemporary Topics in Economics: Home

Course Description

This course focuses on the current and important economic topics relevant to local, regional, and international communities. The course will discuss real-world economic issues utilizing economic principles and concepts.

Course Contents

  1. . Globalization
  2. . International Trade
  3. . Migration/Movement of Labor
  4. . Economic Blockade in the GCC – the economic impacts
  5. . Impact on trade
  6. . Macroeconomic consequences (eg, growth,
  7. inflation, exchange rates, etc)
  8. . Impact on the labour market
  9. . Fiscal, monetary and financial challenges
  10. . Impact on consumer behaviour
  11. . Food Security in Qatar and the GCC
  12. Course material will be
  13. posted on Blackboard
  14. . The Qatar Master Plan for Food Security
  15. The Economic impact of the GCC blockade
  16. Sustainable development and environment
  17. . Global Financial Crisis
  18.  Diversification, Private Sector Development, and Nonoil
  19. Growth
  20. Budget deficit and public debt
  21.  Economic reform and privatization

Course Prerequisites

  • ECON 111
  • ECON 112

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective written communication skills LO5. Work effectively in teams.

Learning Resources and Textbook


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Eglal Al Noor

Course Objectives

At the end of the semester, the student will be able to
8. Identify contemporary issues affecting the global and local economies.
9. Apply appropriate economic tools to the study of contemporary topics.
10. Understand and explain the impact of the economic blockade, climate change
and food security on the local economy.
11. Examine the linkages and interrelationships between the local economy and
those of the neighbours and trading partners within and outside the GCC

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