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ECON 475: Contemporary Topics in Economics: Databases

General Databases

Requesting a session

All information literacy sessions are conducted in the library computer labs where students access the resources and perform some hands-one activities. For requesting a session or inquiring about the workshop content and lesson plan,

Email : 

call Head of Research and Instruction :  (+97444036367)


Economics Database

3. Think About What Information You Need

  • How much information do you need? Lecturers often give guidelines on the number of sources you should use.
  • Do you need current information or is older material relevant? Sometimes you might need both, as you might have to give both the historic background and the current situation of a topic.
  • Do you need primary sources that give an original account of research, or secondary sources that are interpretations of someone else's work?

Search Tips

  • System Requirements: Latest Browser and Java Requirements  
  • Having difficulty accessing SciFinder? Contact:    

NOTE: Access to many of the resources on the QU library website is restricted to currently registered students, faculty and staff.

When accessing a library resource from outside the university, you will be prompted to enter their QU email username and password to gain access.

If you have problems accessing a database, please contact:

Information Literacy at The Undergraduate level

  1. Post Foundation E203
    The library works closely with faculty members teaching writing courses to deliver integrated library sessions to students who have a research project to write.

  2. First Year students introduction to Research Courses
    Those sessions are usually planned early in the semester and aim at showing First Year students the wide array of specialized resources available in their majors and that they can use during their academic path across different courses (resources such as Micromedex, PubMed etc…)

  3. Core Curriculum Research Methodology Courses
    The library partners with faculty members teaching Research Methodology courses (in English and Arabic languages) to integrate relevant library resources in the students’ portfolios.

  4. Capstone Projects
    Information Literacy sessions are embedded in the courses that require a research project as part of writing in the major. Students are expected to select, collect, and evaluate primary and/or secondary sources that support a hot topic in their major. The information literacy session aims at showing how professionals in their field use and evaluate information sources. Students learn more about scholarly communication in their field of study.