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INTA203: Women in Islam: Databases/Articles

Supports course taught by Dr. Hatoon Al-Fassi

Multidisciplinary and General Databases

Broad databases, covering a wide variety of topics, are useful for interdisplinary research. These databases are a good place to begin your search on most topics.

Keywords for Searching

Keyword mapping tools can be useful when exploring a new topic. Try using this for discovering new keywords or for broadening or narrowing your search.

Search Tips

Tips for better search results using Boolean or Advanced Searches

women and islam searches for occurrences of both words 

gender or women searches for  or all, but both are not required

gender not islam searches for occurrences of the word ‘gender’ but without use of the word ‘islam'

"feminist discoursesearches for the words as a pair not individually

femin* searches for feminine, feminist, feminists, feminism, etc.

wom?n searches for woman and women. 

Off Campus Users

NOTE: Access to many of the resources on the QU library website is restricted to currently registered students, faculty and staff.

When accessing a library resource from outside the university, you will be prompted to enter their QU email username and password to gain access.

If you have problems accessing a database, please contact: