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Test your Plagiarism IQ

Here are some interactive sites that will introduce you to the concepts of plagiarism.

Qatar University Student Integrity Code

Qatar University Student Integrity Code

6.4.1 Plagiarism

Plagiarism includes the following examples and it applies to all student assignments or submitted work: use of the work, ideas, images or words of someone else without his/her permission; use of someone else's wording, name, phrase, sentence, paragraph or essay without using quotation marks, and misrepresentation of the sources that were used.

What is Plagiarism

Whenever you use information from a source you must cite the source in your paper. Using another person's  information without citing it is called plagiarism.

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How to avoid plagiarism when writing papers

Written by Dr. Mary El-Mereedi, Writing and Research Advisor, Office of Graduate Studies at Qatar University