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Finance and Economics


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Course Information

Title: Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 112

Department: Finance and Economics

Course Prerequisite(s): MATH 103

Credit Hours: 3 hours


Course Decription

This course focuses on basic macroeconomic concepts such as the production possibility set, the circular flow of income, the national accounts, the components of aggregate spending, a simple model of income determination and international linkages.

Course Objectives

  1.  To understand the fundamentals of economics. 
  2. To introduce the students to the essential of macroeconomics problems such as inflation, unemployment, and the business cycle. 
  3. To understand the measurement of national income, aggregate demand and aggregate supply.
  4. To be aware of the fiscal and monetary policies.
  5. To apply some analytical and critical thinking tools used by economists. 
  6. To use verbal, graphical and simple algebraic tools to analyze
  7. macroeconomic issues. 
  8. To comprehend the relevance and importance of international finance. 
  9. To relate all of the information discussed in the course to the current
  10. economic situation.

Course Text Book


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