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A guide for topics about history


Use the tabs above to find books, journal articles and other resources to assist you in your research

Finding books: Helpful hints on keywords and how to search for books in the QU library catalog.

Encyclopedias: Will help you become familar with topics and terminology in the field of historical studies.

Databases/Articles: Search these recommended databases to find articles on your topic.

Finding Journals: Locate a specific journal title or view a list of journals available on historical studies

Multimedia Resources: Watch and listen to videos and podcasts discussing history-related topics and issues.

Websites:  Selected websites on history-related issues.

Citation Help: provides information and links to help you correctly cite your work.

Image: Interactive Map of Middle East History 

Ask a Librarian

QU library staff is here to help you find books, articles or other material that you need to succeed with your papers and projects.  Please contact us with your questions:

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